Regarding Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26100.1 and the Disable Driver Signature Enforcement...

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Hello to all, For some reason everytime I press 7 for disable driver signature enforcement under the recoevery startup settings in the recovery console for this build, My Computer will automatically reboot itself automatically every single time I do that for whatever reason!!  Question is I am currently wondering why that is and if it is currently fixable or if a fix in currently in the works if possible!!  Anyways Thanks for listening and Have a great day ahead and stay safe as well.!  As for a screenshot to show you what I mean I don't have a digital picture camera so I can't upload a screenshot to help you better anyways!!..

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Hey there, What I am trying to say is that everytime that I attempt to disable driver signature enforcement and yes even with secure boot disabled at the time my computer will automatically reboot itself instead of booting with the option in place!! Everything else including safe mode works like normal to my knowledge!.. Anyways, Thanks again for your efforts at least!!..

Have you tried checking for any updates or patches related to this specific build? Sometimes, updates can address such issues. If not, reaching out to the stainless steel grinder or Windows Insider community or Microsoft support might provide some insight or solutions.

@chaosjs010 experiencing the same issue. DSE patcher no longer works for this build. Guess they changed the DSE values yet again.