Refresh button on Windows 11 in File Explorer

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I absolutely hate this new right-click menu when I am on File Explorer. I cannot directly click "Refresh" but have to click 'Show more' and then only click "Refresh". WTH was Microsoft thinking when deciding that. I shouldn't be the only one who is getting annoyed with this. 

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Hi @Azmart,

If you want to disable Show More Options from the Windows 11 Context Menu, please apply the below command in the elevated (Run as admin) mode of cmd.

reg add "HKCU\Software\Classes\CLSID\{86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}\InprocServer32" /f /ve

 After the above command, press CTRL + ALT + DEL to launch GINA (Graphical Identification and Authentication) screen and select Task Manager, find and restart the Windows Explorer as shown in the screenshot.


Disabling Show More Options from the Windows 11, Restart Windows ExplorerDisabling Show More Options from the Windows 11, Restart Windows Explorer


Thank you. But what I really wanted was to add a refresh option on the current new UI.


You're welcome. If you'd like to have the Refresh option in Windows 11's context menu, please share your idea with Microsoft from Feedback Hub by pressing Win + F.


If you want to revert back above changes, you need to execute the below cmdlet in cmd:

reg delete "HKCU\Software\Classes\CLSID\{86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}" /f
i completely agree. new context menu is a retardation of windows.
do these devs not use windows at all? do they not realise how many times a day some of us need to refresh file explorer, or send shortcuts to the desktop?
seriously, at this point i kinda want my money back. this is not the product i paid for, windows is some iPhone level fashion-accessory now, not a IT tool.
even delete, copy, etc being in icon form instead of in the list with everything else is a pain in the proverbial hole
I agree with you. They have a whole window, why not add a button up there, on the bar? I am extremely annoyed because File Explorer doesn't work well either, it doesn't refresh when you delete something and sometimes it says "file in use" when it's not true.
@SalmanAhmed... does anybody actually read the feedbacks? Because this is an important one.

@SalmanAhmed Thank you so much! Quick and painless! You're the best!

You're welcome @philteeth, and I'm happy to know that the answer helped you.