red circle with white X windows insiders program

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Need help figuring this  out on the dev build of win 11  not sure where to go or what to do to fix it. i have tried 3 clean re-installs and never get my green with a check mark. and thanks in advance for anyone's helpScreenshot 2023-04-02 013949.png

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As you know Dev build is under testing and development and bugs are expected, try use Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
What happens when you open Windows Update and check for update?


Do you want to change your Insider channel?

What Windows build did you install (as a clean installation)?

ok will do when i check for updates it will do what its supposed to do no errors or anything and things seem to work ok that i notice. so thtas why im not 100% on what is going on
no im on the dev build? have thought about going up a step but unsure if i want to.
i used win11_22H2_English_x64v1


if you have never been an Insider - then remember that the Dev insider channel is not stable and should not be used to work as a productive.

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noted the funny part is i have less problems no insider then the base OS lol. ok thanks so much for all the help i guess ill probably go back to beta channel or something.


howzit bro. Im facing the exact same issue that you have. Did you find a fix? Also im stuck on Dev channel its not giving me the option to switch channels. Thanks in advance.


Hi, this is the official instruction that explains your problem:

Windows 11 Clean Installation