Reboot after installation of 22622.575 (Windows 11 Insider Beta Channel)

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installed the update on a desktop PC and a notebook on my network (Server is a 2016 with Essentials role). After seamless installation and reboot, after a few minutes I get a notification "there is a problem and windows will reboot after  a minute" without further information.

One way to trigger the event immediately: Start Remote Desktop and try to log on to my Server. Then I will get another window with "RPC server not availabe" and reboot after one minute.

What I noticed is that after the update my network changed from Domain network to personal network.


After a rollback of the PCs, everything back to normal. Is this already a known issue and is there a way to resolve it? Current (working) build is W11 22H2 22622.450.

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No one? Would like to understand (and fix!) the issue.

@segos510 same problem , just here to see if any fix .

my pc won’t even log into the BIOS. 

@ have the same problem on one computer. No Logon after Update to 22622.575

I get the error  "RPC server not available". Reboot after one minute.

The only solution is a rollback.

Then all ok. After a second Update to 575 I have the same problem.

On a second computer works the update.

So there seems to be a general problem...I wonder why this is not getting more (visible) attention. If anyone finds a solution (or the problem resolved in the next version) please let me know.

has really messed me up, and you cannot log in with your domain credentials.... and you can't stop insider easily... I have a domain at home and 3 messed up computers... they did note this problem in the last notes... but of course not fixed, and the fixes suggested do not work.