rapport erreur

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Bonjours je suis sur le programme windows insider depuis un pt'i temps et me voilà avec c'est 3 rapports d'erreur avec la dernière maj que j'ai faite hier soir 

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there isn't enough information in your post,
I saw a Windows store icon in your screenshot, looks like it has a problem,
here is the troubleshooting steps you can take:

I also don't understand French language

@HotCakeX the screenshots that I made are the errors that I have since 2 update with the windows insert I can no longer have access to the hp assistance or to the microsoft store and windows defender to deactivate without having any means of it reactivate

Thanks for the additional info,
insider channel Dev released 2 updates yesterday, if you're on Dev you can try updating maybe your issue gets resolved.

do you have any other 3rd party antivirus or anti-malware product installed?
is HP assistance a UWP app? have you tried reinstalling it?
for Windows store problem, please follow instructions in the link above



hello what do you mean part dev? and for the hp problem no I did not try to uninstall it but there is still a problem is that the Microsoft store does not work either and suddenly some app does not work either



I am in beta channel for the Microsoft store I have just done the manipulation even the re-installation but still nothing

In that case you can use one of the recovery options in here:

such as "reset your PC", it will surely fix this problem you are experiencing.

you can use cloud download as well for recovery