"Unroll this device when next version of Windows releases." option is grayed out. (Windows Insider)

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So I am trying to leave windows insider without having to clean install or custom install so I don't have to delete all my games or personal files so I was told by support that the "Unroll this device" option in the settings will unroll me when the next windows version comes out and it won't delete or remove anything. All it will do is remove me from the insiders program while continuing to get regular updates from Windows 11. The PROBLEM is that this option in grayed out and I can't switch the switch to on. Why is this?

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What build and channel are you on? If I had to guess, I'd say you are in the Dev Channel. If that's the case, your only option to move to retail release (or other Insider Channel) is to perform a clean install.


@Eddie Leonard Yea im on DEV. Wow I wish I wouldve known this before switch. This is really annoying. I guess ima be stuck with this because I dont plan on clean installing anytime soon. Hopefully they change something