"android apps on your pc amazon store" is not available on microsoft store windows 11

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i have windows 11 build 22449

and last version of microsoft store 

i was updated both of them in last day

MicrosoftTeams_image_1_1024x683.jfifin a area of picture you will see "android apps on your pc amazon store" 


im sure it is available for other people but i can not see it and it is not available for me!


how can i find it?

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@foxhacker Even better its release day and I installed Windows 11 and there is nothing about android apps in the store.

I found a way to get to it to add it to my microsoft apps but it says it is unavailable to me. Even though i meet the minimum system requirements and a Dev channel insider in the US. Have you guys had any luck getting it or getting it to work? It is saying my processor doesn't meet requirements even though I have an Intel Core i9 processor and it says only available to dev or beta channel insiders in US, which I am. Not sure why this is an issue.