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J'ai suivi toute la procédure pour quitter le programme Insider. Mon adresse e-mail est bien retirée du programme mais je continue à recevoir les previews et même en réinitialisant mon ordinateur d'usine, je reviens à la dernière version Insider en date (qui n'est même plus la BETA).


Comment faire, s'il vous plaît ?

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Hi, please see this discussion - unfortunately only a clean installation that will install a stable version of Windows10 or Windows11 will provide a way out of the already installed version of the insider program

(1) Re: Remove / Uninstall windows 11 insider upgrade (Build 22593) - Microsoft Tech Community

" During setup, select the Change what to keep option, and then choose Nothing on the next screen to complete a clean intall."

If you leave your personal files and applications -> the installation of a stable version of Windows will fail

Good luck



Hi, thanks for your answer but I already did that, a total clean installation of Windows 11. But it's always the Insider version that comes...

What can I do, please ?


If these are optional updates not a beta or Dev channel. this is normal.
Windows update - offers updates from the RP channel (optional)
what version does it stuff for you?

Releasing Windows 11 Build 22000.651 to the Release Preview Channel | Windows Insider Blog

I think this is a safe version and as an option it is available in the stable version of Windows11

Windows 11 Family. Build 22598.ni_release.220408-1503.

This is what is on the right corner of my desktop since three weeks.

And on the "system" : Build 22598.100


Download Windows 11 (microsoft.com)

Have you downloaded the media creation tool and performed an installation of the stable version of Windows11 -> which deleted your personal files, apps and Insider Program settings?

"Create Windows 11 Installation Media
If you want to perform a reinstall or clean install of Windows 11 on a new or used PC, use this option to download the media creation tool to make a bootable USB or DVD. "

This is the only way to remove an already installed version of the Insider Program.

Troubleshooting - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

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