Quick settings and Notification Center stay on top of auto-hidden taskbars

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As you can see from the image below, quick settings and the notification center overlap the taskbar, if auto-hide taskbar is enabled.


It's a small, but annoying bug, because it prevents you from clicking on the buttons below, so, I first have to click outside the box to make it disappear and to be able to access the icons that were previously hidden behind it.

For clarity, I link two videos. The sequence is: Quick settings -> Notification Center -> Quick settings -> Volume Mixer.

Auto-Hide Taskbar ON: https://imgur.com/a/GSU7djZ

Auto-Hide Taskbar OFF (No bug): https://imgur.com/a/eINXALI


In the last video, the experience is certainly smoother and faster.


Is there any setting, registry key, or third-party program I can use to fix this bug, other than disabling auto hide taskbar? Or should I just wait and hope for an update from Microsoft?
Currently, I am using build 22621.160 on the Beta Channel, Windows Insider, but I am aware of users on the official release (Windows 11 21H2) experiencing the same problem.
This bug was temporarily fixed with build 22581 (here the official response from Microsoft: https://aka.ms/AAh8b8n), but returned with 22621.


Windows 11, Build 22621.160, Beta Channel

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Better you can file a feedback with Feedback Hub app to let MS make the changes...