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I know this could be a silly question but I was wondering that if I run Windows Insider-builds on my laptop, am I prohibited to use it like a normal, live machine? I looked into some license terms texts and found that we are not allowed to use it in a production manner.


The reason I´m asking this is that I´m an indie game developer and if I´m doing my dev work, will I be unable to do so with the Insider-builds?


ps. I could probably clarify, that at the moment, my projects are quite small, but if I someday plan on selling my games somewhere, is that against the Insider-license terms?


Thanks in advance for all the possible answers to this!


-- Dagonium

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In general Windows Insider Build is not recommended for production because it might cause your system stop working. In the agreement there is nothing mentioned like you are not allowed to use it to develop a program, take a look at:
However, someone from the Microsoft legal team would be able to share the better response.
Thanks for the quick reply. I´ve always been fascinated about testing new software & games, and perhaps that´s why I like to test these Insider-builds. I´ve been testing them since before Win 10 launched (I think) and I consider myself as a technical person, at least to the point where I know and understand that these builds might sometimes be unstable, might not work correctly, etc.

Just wanted to put out my question about the license, in regards to normal use, in my projects, which might someday be commercial.

-- Dagonium
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You may contact Microsoft support and check with them:
However, you may try your application on Windows 11 Insider and develop it and finalize it in the stable release.
Currently developers start developing and sharing feedback about developer experience in the Windows 11, take a look at: