Product Key for ARM based Windows 10, with M1 chip

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I have loaded the ARM version on my Mac Mini with the M1 chipset. Windows 10 is working very well however when I go to download a new Microsoft program It looks for the Windows 10 activation Key. Because its an ARM based software for Developers, it appears there is not a lic that you can purchase to overcome the Product Key issue. Is this correct or how do I get a Lic for the ARM-M1(chip) software.

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Hi, can I ask you where did you get the ISO file to download windows 10 ARM? Or, if you have it, can you upload it here? Thank you:-)


You can take a normal license of Windows 10 Pro. At least that's what I did with Windows 11 ARM64 and it worked. 


Could you send me the Windows 10 ARM 64 for Mac mini M1? Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't offer it as a download anymore. :(

you my guy are a **bleep**ing legend @waqast 

The license for Windows 10 Pro X86&X64 version should works for ARM version.