Problems With Cortana

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I'll be brief and fast.

I have a problem with our lovely Cortana!

She can't seem to hear me. She only says  she can't hear me and redirects me to the sound troubleshooter, and when I say "hey conrtana" she pops up and disappears, like that! I have contacted MS support and they troubleshooted the microphone with me as well, and nothing wrong came up. Audio Drivers are fully updated and mic is functional. Tried every solution I could find on the internet to no avail. So I guess the problem lies with our lovely assistant.

I have Windows Build 16299.RS3_release 170922-1354 running Windows Education. 

Also, since we are getting close to the release date of the Fall Update, I want to know if we in the Program get updated to the Official release or does something else happen?


Please help me out! 


If you need any info, I will reply as soon as possible! Thank you! 


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I seem to have the same issue. Even when clicking Start the Cortana window opens with "Tap here to make sure Cortana can hear you".

Same issue. After I try to use the mic, I also can't access Start. The Cortana UI keeps coming up with that tap to make sure Cortana can hear you. I have to kill the Search UI process in task manager to get access to start again.


Update: Apparently the speech recognition, text-to-speech and other things aren't installed. Looking at Region and Language settings, I clicked on options after clicking English (US) and found the spot to download the speech recognition features. Now it's working.

Same issue and Cortana is blocking the tiles and apps, so I have to key in the app I want in the search pane to open an application.

Hey! I was just checking something out. I ran a ccleaner and a Geny Utilities Registry analysis and cleaning and it broke Cortana. Don't no how or why. 

I did try that too, but it failed. I'll try to reinstall the language pack.

The thing that happened was, I cleanned the System registry with CCleaner and Glary Utilities and Cortana broke. Something up with that.

the "Windows 10 Insider Preview 17017.1000 (rs_prerelease)" updates "ok" but upon re-booting the PC there is an error which apparently prevents a successful instal