Problem with Windows 11 Update

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As a developer, I use Windows 11 Dev Channel for my Laptop.

I am in build 22449 of rs_prerelease

The latest build in Dev Channel is 22483

Whenever I open my Laptop, It shows that "This build will expire on 31/10/2021. You should update to the latest build. Go online for more info". Checking out those things, What I need to do is to Check for new Windows Updates. But whenever I am doing that (I have been doing this for the past 7-10 days), It's showing "An error encountered". I don't know and am clueless about what to do. I need my laptop badly every day.  I have already posted it in the feedback Hub but yet to get any follow-up. Another mess is that to shift from Dev Channel to any other Channel requires clean installation.

If anybody knows the solution, I request them to help or please the Microsoft engineers, look into this.



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