Problem in settings-Windows Insider Program

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In the 'Get Insider Preview builds' it says "Your Organization Manages Insider Preview Builds Through A Telemetry Group Policy Setting" 

It's never said that before, and I can not find a way to change it to get the new builds. I am not part of an organization which manages the builds, nor should I have a telemetry group policy.


Thanks for any, and all help on resolving this problem.


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I have the same problem. Also in Windows Update Setting it has anew message that tells me "Your insider preview build settings need attention" but of course I'm locked out of making any changes there.

I've had this problem while computers were domain joined before but never on a solo computer. There are now settings for IT admins to control windows insider programs on computers via group policy. gpedit.msc will allow you to open up your local machine policy and make changes to it if you have admin credentials. 

Yeah odd eh? It's home edition too so no group editor available


I have the same problem but obviously nobody from MS was kind enough yet to post a reply on how to solve this problem.
After all, I am the "organization" that manages Group Policy settings but NOT through telemetry as the Settings window claims.
Where can I change these Group Policy settings? I never set them!

I bite the bullet and did a fresh install without rejoining the insider program.

It's a lot of work getting back to where I was but reinstalling windows is a time honored tradition :)

That's exactly what I am trying to avoid. Way too much work to get everything else back together.