Problem booting after installing 17093 build

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I'm experiencing problems booting after installing 17093 build on my Asus Z97 PC. It appears to have problems with the EUFI settings. It recovered with the USB recovery, but it keeps happening. TIA.

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Same problem here, with ASUS notebook.

Just updated to build 17101 and problem seems to be gone

By the way in failure state with 17093 you just got around in a few seconds by booting to recover media and choose continue booting windows in the repair dialog. Makes no sense but worked fine.

All on this thread, had to post this update thread, and will copy and paste this all to the insider feedback hub. Not sure if an update pushed/loaded last night, I will review logs. Device certainly rebooted at some point last night and while release is still i am now showing prelease 1802021400 - again not sure that is different as did not note further release extension prior to this morning. In any case, device rebooted over night and surprise, this morning I had login screen and my monitor array order did not change with reboot.  Note, I rebooted yesterday to update for NORTON and screen configuration did change, causing me to do the whole physical change cables again routine, which is why I was so surprised to both see a login prompt and have my screens in the same configuration as I left them at end of day yesterday.  In any case I seem to be all good at this point and will research if there was another update last night. 

I Updated to 17101 yesterday and it's not better. I'm still having the same problem booting, I have to use the recovery USB and even the recovery process gives me an error message 0x8000ffff.  The PC also shuts down by itself after some period of inactivity.