Problem booting after installing 17093 build

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I'm experiencing problems booting after installing 17093 build on my Asus Z97 PC. It appears to have problems with the EUFI settings. It recovered with the USB recovery, but it keeps happening. TIA.

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Same problem for me with an ASUS PU301LA


Any solution will be appreciate

Yes, my system is also running into this problem after installation of Build 17093. System boots until the "press DEL to run BIOS/EFI'. this keeps looping. I have an EFI system partition. Using Disk/Partition Backup trecovered to Build 17063. Runs fine. Wait for a solution berfore installing 17093 again.

Also having issues after the most recent fast ring build. Machine goes into infinite reboot loop. Verified it's not the hardware after some troubleshooting. 


I also have an ASUS motherboard: Asus SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK 1 


Hello. Similar problem. Start menu doesn't work. Can some one help me?

Same thing here. I boot via a USB drive, and then can restart and get it to boot. Ugh.

I registered to post this. I spent over an hour re-seating all my PC's components because I was convinced it was a hardware failure (Gigabyte H97M-D3H motherboard was the prime suspect). As it turns out, a bootable USB stick works fine. I installed 17093 earlier today.

The motherboard logo shows up, and I can get into BIOS settings just fine. If I don't press F2 to do so, it reboots immediately, before any Windows loading spinners etc. I'll have to look into this USB recovery business now.
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I was able to boot finally after using the Windows Media Creation Tool to create new Windows 10 install usb, going into the bios and selecting to boot from usb, boot from it, and selecting Repair Windows. After fussing around with various options to repair the startup (all of which gave me errors) I reset the machine, went back into the bios, and suddenly had a second Master Boot Record to select. Booting from it worked! Thinking everything was fixed, I rebooted... and ran into the issue again. So I repeated the process and this time when I successfully booted and logged in, I went into settings and rolled back to a previous version of windows. Now everything boots fine with no reboot loops.


This whole incident has made me switch to the slow ring.

Same problem with Build 17093 : loop boot problem (EFI ?) 

I can start with an USB Efi partition.  

Now I have restaured Build 17083 and wait for a solution., 

EFI partition on SDD size : 100Mo free 67Mo. 



Did you mess with the boot record etc. using the command prompt at all before you got this?


Quick EDIT:


After messing with things (incl. various suggestions online about using bootrec that didn't seem to go anywhere), I set the Windows Boot Manager as top boot priority and it worked all of a sudden! The Windows USB drive recovery/repair tools also gave me various errors before this. I also tried using bootrec /rebuildbcd and a couple of other command line utilities on recommendation of some forum posts (unfortunately didn't document everything), which also didn't seem to work at the time.


I am now running 17093 with an open case and my GPU pulled out. Will try to go back to a previous version now, turn off tech preview, and hope that any rebooting during this process doesn't start looping again. I will try to keep this post updated, though I'm not sure how much help I can be to others, considering I don't know what fixed it.


EDIT 2: 


I'm using a "restore to previous build" feature that I found somewhere in Windows Update. It asked me why I wish to do so, and is currently installing a mystery build (17083?). A bit obfuscated than I'd like, but sure. 


Through this ordeal, I noticed that I had no system restore points. It'd be nice if Windows created these automatically before installing major preview builds.




Okay, after about 10-15 minutes of waiting, this thing rebooted into 17074. Will try shutting it down, re-installing my GPU, and getting back on the regular release channel.




Everything appears to be working normally on 17074 so far, including reboots. It seems the only way to get back to release immediately is to reinstall and restore. Because I rolled back, I hope the program won't install 17093 again. I did get the option to get on the slow channel until the next public release and stop previews thereafter.


I'm thankful for the happy ending.

I'm batting .500 on this Build, with 17093 going on fine on my desktop but shunting my Surface Pro 3 into the Infinite Boot Blues. I have a Media Creation USB drive I created about 6 months ago (can't remember the build).  Does it matter?  Should I create a new one? 

Judging from Jennifer's post above and my experience, also above, you may not need to. Fiddling around with some repair options may let you boot into 17093 and roll back through the Windows Update UI.

Same here, only just switched to fast ring too! Asus motherboard, I tried to restore from Acronis backup but this did not work, and UEFI partitions were created on a couple of my drives. Had to disconnect all drives except c: and reinstall. Leaving insider program ASAP.

So wanted to add to this thread as not sure if related but definitely some buggy issues after 17093.  I did note that while I had restore points saved, as I specifically manually created one before the build, they were all gone after the build.  Additionally, seems to be something odd with my AMD Radeon HD7750 graphics after the build, each time I reboot the sequence/order of my monitor's changes, e.g. I have main monitor 2, in middle, then 1 and 3 on either side, after a reboot the order is 1,4,3,2. (note I do not have a 4th monitor connected currently) This happens in different orders after each reboot. To compound the issue, when I attempted to access display settings, the GUI wanted to open on the non-existent monitor, and I physically have to move one of my other monitors to the open connector to be able to see settings to then correct the display order/config. Lastly, and perhaps most odd, is I no longer see the lock screen/ login screen after a reboot. I just get blank screens, I almost thought the system was failing to load to windows when this first happened, but on a lark, I did a cntrl/alt/delete key and then entered my login credentials and up popped windows.   Now this last might be related to the display bugginess and perhaps the login prompt is appearing on the non-existent monitor as well, but I can't be sure. I do have and will connect my 4th monitor to see.  Sorry if this doesn't belong in this thread, but could not find where to post/report any issues after the 17093 build or area for general feedback after an insider build. Thnx 

Thanks for the heads up and thanks to Jennifer for posting.  I used an old USB recovery media, followed in Jennifer's tracks and got into the advanced and troubleshooting options and went through a few different attempts, and was eventually able to rollback successfully and thereafter roll forward and get 17093 working.  

I have problems with 2 machines: Hp laptop with AMD, and dell XPS2710, with i5. No solution yet. They keep on rebooting
I haven't found a way to fix this problem on my own machines yet, however I was able to get through the reboot loop with a bootable USB (a USB that you've used the Windows media creation tool on )

In the start up phase, go to your bios menu (In my case I hit the delete key while its loading up) and select the created USB. After that you can skip the first page that it loads about the area and language. After that select the repair this pc link at the bottom left and click launch windows 10 after.

The weird part is that everything is fine once I get into the computer, it's just irritating that I need to go through the USB
same problem wtf

No, I had not messed with the boot record prior to this update! At one point in the past I had dual booted linux/windows on that box, but then I wiped it and started over with just the windows insider builds. I would love to be able to install the new build since the features sound really cool, but as it stands 17093 fubared my machine too much to trust that I can run the darn thing.

I also felt like I was drowning a bit trying things over and over until I finally got it to boot and could roll it back. I couldn't game at all Saturday when I went through this, which sucks.

My disk 0 is a Basic GPT, may be a Basic MBR disc 0 will work fine after the 17093 install. I'll try do convert my disc 0 to Basic MBR. We keep in touch.