Preview Build 17713.1000 Has major issues with Store and Edge Browser (BETA) and Libraries

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No Connection incorrect error: Since the last build, and this one as well the MS Store app returns an error to the effect that "you have no connection" which of course is not true. Also the Edge browser (beta) seems to be broken too as it appears like I have no connection there either. The fact that I am on the this site via Chrome obviously indicates otherwise. Screen capture attached.


Feedback Hub Won't Update: My Feedback Hub and announcements is stuck somewhere in June. Probably related to the other Apps inability to "connect" online. The Windows Update section of Settings works fine, but it'd be helpful to be able to see what's happening before the next build just comes along. I attached a screen capture.

Logging In: I'm also getting some odd character display when I log on, though no issues with functionality.

Libraries: There is something not right with the way these past couple of builds are dealing with Libraries, especially regarding Documents. The last build literally erased the entire Documents library and set it as a new (nearly empty) folder! Of course I had a backup but seriously? Most of my really important work doesn't reside in the Documents folder/library but for many others everything they do sits in there.

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The latest prerelease described above will not complete. It appears 33 updates have been applied and 2 have not. Shutting down / restarting numerous times has no effect.


Please advise how I rectify this issue....