Poem Created Using CoPilot (Dedicated to the Community)

Steel Contributor

In the heart of the machine, where the data flows,
Binary whispers, only the motherboard knows.
Transistors pulse with electric dreams,
In the silicon world, where nothing is as it seems.

RAM and ROM in a delicate dance,
While the CPU, in a trance,
Performs its logic, swift and neat,
A symphony of cycles, in a beat.

The hard drive hums a magnetic tune,
Under the soft glow of the silicon moon.
Bits and bytes in a cosmic ballet,
In the world of tech, where we surf and play.

Firewalls standing tall and proud,
Guarding against the cyber crowd.
In the realm of code, both old and new,
There's always a software patch or two.

From dawn of mainframes, large and wide,
To microchips, where transistors hide.
In every keyboard click, in every screen's light,
Lives the poetry of the digital night.

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