Pleasure of Success after a Series of failures

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Dear Friends,

At the outset, I am  attaching the Screen shot of My device  & Windows Specification. It was a very old laptop purchased in 2012 and was 32 Bit Windows 7 initially. Over the period, it has been upgraded only in windows software and hard disk. Few months before. I had same problem which I shall repeat now and it had cost me a good money to repair and I had to purchase the hard disk.  Then I switched over to 64 bit. Few days back  while working, the screen suddenly went blank. The efforts to restart or to get into Bios failed. It was so frustrating that my Son ultimately placed order for a new HP laptop yesterday which I shall receive hopefully on 6th July.

I tried again. The Shift key , F keys were not working and the screen was just blank. In the process, I tried the Esc Key. Some how the Bios option screen opened for a moment and again it was blank. At last, the Esc and Enter Key worked and I am very  happy to share my pleasure with you. I feel that for a non technical person like me ,it is a very ,very big achievement.  I put it in the feedback first, but I felt the urge to put it in the Insider Community Forum also as I  have chosen  Insider Preview since it started long back.


A new laptop will come on 6th and money has already been paid. But the sense of pleasure I derived from success after repeated failures will always remain as a most significant moment in my life. I am 63 years young from  a small district called Bargarh in Odisha State in India. I am sharing my pleasure with the entire Community. I have come across small problems before which was corrected in Restore back ,but this experience is unique.


Thanks again for reading my post.


with humble regards,


mahendra dash

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It is nice to see that you solved the problem by yourself by trying different methods and making your computer to work again even if you are not a tech enthusiast. Congratulations on your new laptop :smile:

@TheShaunSaw  Thank you very much

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Thank you, I thought I had lost you.

Your response to my post and the reply is quite encouraging. Thank you very much. I am posting this in my new Notebook.




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Thank you, I thought I had lost you.

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