Please fix it for me that it is only when I play the game valorant.(ช่วยหน่อยครับ)

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I believe this error is related to Vanguard, have a look at:
I advise you to report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.
Note that Windows Insider is under testing and evaluation and such issues are expected.

Funny. I get the same error playing MW2 after that last update. Crashed in the middle of a game so rolled back the update and it did it again. I am on 22H2 So going to check and repair game files and pull back slightly on my overclocks 

Did you reproduce the problem even after uninstalling the update?
Are you also facing the same error with vgk.sys?
Make sure report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.
The issue seems to have been caused by corrupted files for the game. Scan and repair game files resolved the issue.

@Jerry_Bear  yea i have the same "green screen of death" when lunching Valorant. it happened since the new canary channel update on windows insider. it happens consistently when opening Valorant. even one time the whole screen was corrupted (it wasn't even green).

Are you joined to Windows Insider program? And did you tried to rolling back to previous build?
As you know Windows Insider is under testing and evaluation so make sure file a feedback.
When I rolled back to prev build It worked but that build was ending on 15th sept so I had to go to the latest build otherwise my PC would have crashed. And It is not working after that.
Correct, such issues are expected because it is a build under testing, when you file a report the Windows team will review and investigate it and might solve it in the future updates.