Photos app needs to support and play APNG image file format

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Currently when you open an Animated PNG file with Photos app, you see a still image, it has no animation. opening the same image in a browser shows the animation.


Photos app needs to be able to fully support APNG image files and show their animation.


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I see, that is very cool!! I wil definitly upvote this
some comparisons to show why this format is important
So it is like a moving png? LIke a gif? Isn't that a photo?
Animated PNG (APNG), a photo.
Photos and Pictures aren't only those are that still, on the web we have animated photos too, they are different from videos though. videos have their own formats and plus, they have audio.
pictures, animated or not, don't have audio.
I see, that is very cool!!

I hope taht they do support it then and soon will see those. This is the first tiem I heard of these, thank you
Yeah, you're welcome

@HotCakeX100% agree, WebP images too.