Permanently "Busy" Mouse Pointer

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Since upgrading from an earlier developer build (which was fine) to current beta build of Windows 11 (22621.1) the mouse cursor shows as busy all the time.

I have a high spec PC and there are no processes running hot which would have accounted for Windows believing that something was using the CPU/Disk.  No disk thrashing going on either.

Seems like a fairly innocuous bug, but not something that others seem to be experiencing?

I have tried reinstalling latest display drivers.

Any thoughts?

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If possible try connect different mouse and see if the problem persists?
Try restart your PC and see if the problem persist?
Open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.


I will see if I can find an alternate mouse.  For information I am using a Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-Device Mouse and a K850 performance keyboard.  Both are wireless using a bluetooth dongle inserted into one of the USB ports.  When I remove the dongle the mouse cursor disappears as you would expect, but reinserting into either the same or another USB port and the issue returns.


I will try to locate a wired mouse. Think I have one somewhere.

Wired mouse is no different. I had to put the usb dongle back into use the keyboard to log on. But removing it afterward showed no improvement.
Disconnected dongle and connected wired mouse. Restarted machine and managed to logon without having to reconnect the bluetooth dongle. So just the wired mouse was connected. On successful start of Windows the busy mouse pointer was still there. So probably not mouse/mouse driver or wireless dongle.
Make sure report this issue using the Feedback Hub app as I mentioned earlier.
Open start and search for cmd or Command prompt and right click and run it as administrator and then type the following command:

sfc /scannow

Press enter and let it runs.
No issue found on sfc /scannow.
Feedback Hub has had issues but seems to be working now so I have added this issue to it.
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Try performing a Clean Boot and see if the problem persists?
Have a look at:
If yes, then you may enable services one by one to see which one caused this problem.
That did it, although I am unable to identify the specific service, I suspect it was a hardware monitoring service installed from ASUStek or possibly lighting configuration software ICUE. After uninstalling all of them and rebooting the issue appears to be resolved. Thanks.
Glad issue has been resolved.
You may enable services one by one or the one you trust first and check which one causing this problem.