PC on Dev channel not compatible with Win11

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Good morning all.


I have 2 PCs on the Dev channel and, after running the diagnostics tool, I found out that neither one is compatible with Windows 11.


What options do I have now?


Do I reformat them and join another Insider branch?

Do I leave the Insider program altogether?

Will Microsoft automatically move PCs that aren't compatible to a lower branch or remove from Insider?



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I believe you run the Health Check app, is that correct?
This application will check your hardware requirements and nothing to do with the version of Windows you are using.
The newer version of the Heath Check app will tell you want is blocking you from the upgrade.
Yes I think you are right about that.

Thank you guys for the quick replies. Knowing which parts to upgrade to meet the system requirements for Win11 would be a really nice feature.


In my particular case, however, these 2 machines are fairly old (the newest one is a 2016 laptop, 8th gen i7) so replacing parts isn't economically feasible.


That's why I asked if maybe I should just drop the Insider program altogether before the next Dev update borks them.