PC Doesn't Meet Windows 11 System Requirement - i7 6700HQ

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Hi team,

I just want to provide a feedback about the disappointment that my computer cannot be upgraded to Windows 11. I've been a big fan and supporter of Microsoft in the past 14 years ever since I had a PC and now I feel I am left out. 


It is a powerful gaming Alienware laptop I bought 4 years ago and it is still functioning very well. I have Visual Studio, SQL Server, Docker and many other development tools installed and it's been very productive. I feel so disappointed that I cannot upgrade it to Window 11 purely because my CPU is Intel 7th gen (i7 6700HQ). 


Thus I'm appealing you to consider changing the minimum requirement for Windows 11.




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Same issue with my Dell XPS 9550, Core i7-6700HQ
I strongly suggest add intel 7th gen CPU into the supported list. My laptop is running really well even for development purposes and there is really no strong reason for me to buy a new laptop to get Windows 11.

Mine, too!


I'm using a 3 yr old Acer Predator 15 w/Intel i7-6700HQ and WindoZe 11 can't even handle that processor?

Better get on the stick, boys & girls...


Let me know when things improve, Bill!

Probably  after 12 years of supporting MS I should buy a gaming console and think to an another OS, because my i7 is not good for Windows 11. I think the competition will win here. @tangr2035 

I highly recommend you to drop this feedback to Microsoft directly using the official Feedback hub app.

@kscaidaowangthat list is about windows 10...

I have the same Alienware gaming laptop thats still so elite , top end and plays all new gen games as well all work functionality is perfect as well as all other latest software programs.

Highly disappointed that such a fast , premium and expensive machine couldn't be upgraded to Windows 11. I too request Microsoft to look into such matters and solve them so that more and more could get windows 11 upgrade soonest. Thanks.

@Romi0885 I have the same processor and iam running windows 11 w/o eny problems whatsoever.

There is a official workaround for your issue.

i have your same processor and i am running win11 w/o any problems. There is a official workaround for """""unsupported CPUs""""" and TPM2.0.
Yes but there is a big limitation: you cannot update automatically your system and must do it manually... every time
yeah, I agree. I will not risk updating it when it is not officially announced as supported CPU.

@tangr2035 Me too... I am using - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz

No i just updated :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

I have the same issue with an HP Envy with Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz.  You'd think that the major computer makers like HP, Dell, and others would work with Microsoft in order for us to be able to update to Windows 11.  In fact, I intentionally purchased the i7-6700HQ with the higher GHz so I'd be able to update this notebook when the time came.  I got several operating system upgrades on an HP Pavilion.  I haven't checked it yet but it would be a very sorry state if that old laptop could get upgraded and my newer HP Envy could not.  If not being able to upgrade our laptops then we all need to question why we're paying a premium for an HP Envy or a Dell Alienware.  In fact, I had so many issues with my Alienware laptop that I purchased the HP Envy and now perhaps nobody will "Envy" me anymore.  LOL

@FretnFish The funny thing about this is that I am running that processor in a Surface (2017) and it fails too. Oops to Microsoft. I'll probably buy a Dell instead for sure.

@tangr2035 The older CPU's are most likely missing certain features that will be required in the near future, i.e the core isolation which may end up being mandatory eventually, but also other features which are present in 8th gen or above and ryzen 2 and above.


There is always Linux and it's free!