OS22623.870 System Thread Exception Not Handled

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Good morning 

While at work today my device updated with KB5018499 and my OS Build is 22623.870. 


I now receive a green screen with the System Thread Exception Not Handled error.


Trouble shooting I have completed is

Not to Safe Mode

Uninstall the update

Advanced restart back into safe mode

(But then I get something didn't go as planned, undoing changes) 


The device then loops navvies to green screen error again. 


SFC came back perfect with no errors can't

Uninstalled drivers that also recently updated

Booting into safe mode still works fine


I'd really like to not have to do a backup and restore and would love to know if there is anything else I could do to fix the problem. 


The only other errors event voted shows lately is that the Windows Store had trouble updating Spotify and Web experience


I have tried other things as well


If you have other steps I could try or need more information I'd be happy to try it before reinstalling 

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Try to go back to previously build and retry it.
So, you are unable to boot, is that correct?
You may try restoring your system or reinstall the latest build.