Organizing Music Collection on SSD in Windows 11

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I have a moderate size music collection which I'm recording from CD to SSD. I've created a Primary folder and set it up with the information required. All CDs are copied to their own folder. Modifying the look of the folders is no problem, however, when I try to get all folders to conform to the primary with the information in the primary folder some will and some won't. Each folder requires 8 columns. I can go down about 8 folders and they are all the same, yet I can go to the ninth and there are 3 columns. I've used the OPTIONS>VIEW>APPLY TO ALL FOLDERS using the primary folder but with no luck. Am I assuming that the look of the primary folder should apply to all folders or is it done manually. I am using Windows 11, VERSION 23H2, 11/28/2023. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

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By using Folder Redirection, you'll have a single point of control for your music collection's organization, and any changes made in one location will be reflected across all linked folders.