One Game that doesn't want to work

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Game: The Long Dark... 

Look it up on Steam... it is a fun game.

I am able to run all my games just fine, this game, however, doesn't. On windows 10, it runs fine. Upon launching, the start menu and its UI all work as intended and I can select a map etc... but when it came to loading into the game world, I am introduced with a black screen, the background ambient game noises, and that is it. No UI no world. It sounds like the game loaded the world but fails to deliver the actual world onto my display? I can't interfere with anything, I can hear my footsteps when walking in game, but nothing much. I did report this to the dev team. It seems like it is only happening on Windows 11. I have the latest drivers and latest updates too. This is kind of a very specific bug that only appears on one game on Windows 11. I tried a bunch of trouble shooting but that's that. 

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