Not working WhatsApp Desktop in Windows 11 beta version

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After start using the Windows 11 Beta Version, I cannot open the WhatsApp Desktop App in Microsoft Office. Is that a bug or error. Please help me out. Please comment your opinion if you are getting WhatsApp Desktop App in Microsoft Office

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I am running the MS Store WhatsApp desktop App without problems on: Windows 11 Home Single Language Version 21H2 OS build 22000.100 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 421.18901.0.3
Can you confirm, if WhatsApp Desktop was working when you're on Dev build?
I have the same problem it automatically close itself

@Kapil Arya After Updating the Beta Version of the Windows 11. This error occurs. (Not the Dev Build Its, the Beta Build of Windows 11)

Yes, The Same Situation Here also.
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Simply update or Microsoft store and reinstall WhatsApp from there or you can download WhatsApp desktop from its website and run the setup mine is working now without any issues
Thank you @Taher781, its now resolved but need two click twice or thrice to open the app. anyway it worked. needs a small update to resolve the bug i mentioned earlier. Anyway thank you taher and thank you others for supporting my threat.
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times from the one listed on the Microsoft store, that didn't work. But immediately after I reinstalled it from the official WhatsApp website, it worked. So, reinstall it from the official WhatsApp website and it should work perfectly! I'm a little late, but if you haven't already figured it out, hope this helps! :)

It was working on Dev build since end of August... as of 3 days now, Whatsapp crashes 4 times a day. Waste of time, as you're breaking useful things . OS BUILD: 22471.1000 and Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22471.1000.0 @Kapil Arya Going back to Windows 10 Pro as it seems you're at your best usual. See you in 2023 on W11

@Abraham_C_B I am having the same issue. 

I can un-install then re-install and it will function for as long as my computer is switched on. 

When I boot it up again and try to launch WhatsApp nothing happens, unless I un-install and re-install it again. 

This is from the WhatsApp website so will try the Microsoft Store version.


Follow-up: Same issue with MS Store version

Another follow-up

I can launch WhatsApp, but I need to open the MS Store every time and hit the open button from there. It opens and works no problem, I just can't open it from anywhere else.
Do you know the solve for this issue?

@Abraham_C_B Hi Friends now the problems were solved. Now Whatsapp Desktop is running from Microsoft Store.

my whatsapp is still not working at windows 11, even after updating from microsoft store or re-installed from whatsapp wesite

Thanks for this. The app wasn't opening on my laptop after I upgraded to windows 11 but I followed your suggestion and it worked for me. @Taher781 

I can confirm that is working perfectly for me as well, under the below setup:
OS Name: Microsoft Windows 11 Enterprise
OS Version: 10.0.22000 N/A Build 22000

"WhatsApp Desktop" was downloaded from MSFT Store

Hello Have tried all versions (from MS Store, from Official Website... ) not working

Even reinstalled my laptop WIn 11 fresh and still not working. 

only the webapp is working

Desktop app only launches in Admin mode and shuts itself after a few minutes


Same problem I'm also facing after I joined windows 11 beta....even app is not opening @Abraham_C_B