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It seems my brand new account got blocked. It seems that there was an error when I was posting or replying to post if I did it more than once. Then somehow I got blocked, I mean the account got blocked and I cant' access it. I can but it says profile blocked. Any way to get it back?



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I am talking about not the techcommnity,
Just to clarify - please don't reference Tech Community as a contact point for questions that are not related to Tech Community. is handled by a different team and I have forwarded their inquiry we received via email, but they should reach out first to for these sorts of questions. I'm removing that portion of your message to avoid any future confusion through search. Thanks!
Thanks - I've forwarded your inquiry you sent us via email. In the future, if you have questions regarding Answers, please go to
Thank you Eric, sorry about that. May I know how do I contact them via
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You would click on "Contact Us" on that site and indicate your issue.

However, since the Answers team has already seen your request, I'm sure they will follow up, so no need to duplicate the contact.
Hello Eric, when I press contact us, there is no option for answer contact, i's only for Microsoft Office, Windows, and Surface/Xbox. Thanks :)
if you are referring to the profile option, they can't help either, they give me to the reinsintament form. Anyways good thanks for forwarding it to them.

@Deleted wrote:
Hello Eric, when I press contact us, there is no option for answer contact, i's only for Microsoft Office, Windows, and Surface/Xbox. Thanks :)

Yes, but you can select "Not listed" on this page if you click Contact Microsoft Support on the bottom (after typing in what your question is about):

Please note I'm just sharing the information I have - I only support the Microsoft Tech Community and I don't work for Microsoft support.

Since your information has already been forwarded to the Answers team, you are all set.

Sorry if that didn't work for you - I am not on the Answers team, so that's the only place I know to send you.

I apologize if it didn't work for you, but they are aware of your issue and I'm sure that team will follow up with you.
Thanks and have a great day! Also how do I turn on email notification for new posts or stuff in the tech community.
Click on My Settings on the top right menu.

I believe it defaults to subscribing you to email notifications. You can go into Preferences and make sure, "Automatically subscribe me to topics or reviews I participate in" is clicked on, and you can access Subscriptions and Notifications --> Notification Settings to make sure you haven't turned off email notifications.
Thank you for correcting my answer.
But I see that even Microsoft employees have problems - to give an answer , which is the solution.
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Please read this - this is an additional explanation, does not apply to the MTC Community




Microsoft Community Frequently Asked Questions - Microsoft Community

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I am aware of that, also why do you have two accounts?
Because they were founded at different times and in different organizations.