Not recieving Beta-Channel Updates and Insider Site not working

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It´s been 4 Months since I recieved my last update in the beta channel, currently being on Build 22635.2921. Windows Update´s Insider Tab shows me that I am not on the newest Build, but automatic update just doesn´t provide it for me.
So today I went ahead and wanted to upgrade to the newest ISO Release on the Dev-Channel. But then I got another issue. The whole Windows Insider Page doesn´t work for me when i am logged in.
I can browse it normally on Edge, Opera and even my Phone but as soon as I log into my account it just loops infinitely with the spinning blue circle.

Is there a fix for any of my issues?

Thanks in advance!

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@alesamcippa I have the same issue - it's probably the server-side problem so I hope that Microsoft will see this and fix it