Not able to switch between insider channels

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Screenshot (912).pngHI I am in beta channel and i want to move to release preview channel , but i am unable to do so. I also have tried the fix given by microsoft but it does not helped me .  

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@gItanshu Hi

It looks like the RP channel. is currently only for Windows10.

So you can't lower the channel without a clean installation of Windows10

Flight Hub - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

Maybe in the future the RP Channel will be released for Windows11?

@A1-A1 earlier it used to shift. 


Yes, but there are two versions of the system and unfortunately there is confusion because of this!


There are a lot of problems with this, this is one of the examples:

(1) Re: Unable to upgrade to Windows 10 21H2 - Microsoft Tech Community


The easy one to resolve this issue is to download the Win11 with Beta Channel to re-install then switch to Preview Release Channel. Be sure to backup your critical data.


The author of this post is in the Beta channel!

The problem is that there is currently no release of the RP channel. for Windows11.

If you have more recent information, please share it with everyone!


ah, my fault... :face_with_tears_of_joy:
Indeed, currently no ISO for Release Preview Channel directly. But he can using this way to fix the issue in which to be able to switch the Channel.




If he could do that, he wouldn't seek help from MTC!
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