Not able to start desktop after update disrupted

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I am updating to the fast ring latest build 17682 and stucked at 98% for 2 hours and was forced to disrupt the update. After the computer rebooted, it will keep staying in the login screen for 4-6 minutes and after login, the error of ''location is not available" show up while all icon on the desktop is not clickable.

I was able to launch task manager and restart explore.exe, which folders on desktop reappears but whenever I clicked the error Message of "an attempt was made to reference a token that does not exit" pops up.
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I have the same exact problem since yesterday 1st June for the same build update.

Same thing here can't believe e it's just us 3
Could not fix . But to revert use control alt del. Than bottom right power functions. Hold shift choose restart. Than will bring up troubleshoot. Then choose advanced and there is a revert last update option. That got me working again.

What antivirus are you using?

The symptom sounds exactly what I've seen from folks on 1803 and Avast/AVG.

Just Windows Defender Security

I would also post in the insider forum in answers to get more eyeballs on this.  So far when these machines are in this condition, the ability to recover is limited.

Okay let me get and update on the situation, as well as I get and external backup and all my files were save, I have done some testing on that drive.

Before I reinstall Windows, I have try login to the system and wait to see the action, I tried to restart explore.exe and as I stated before icon reappeared, but when I press on any of the given icon it stated that token was not found.

( So I assumed this is related to the user profile begin corrupted during update, and I think actually open a new account on the PC will help get to normal use but the old files are sure dead)

I use another same model drive to reinstall Windows and plug the original drive in, and discovered that only files inside the user account are dead and my other documents saved in location out of the "user" folder we're all save.

I would like to hear updates from the Microsoft team as I sure this issue isn't just lucky happened to a small gruop and have potential to break other systems if just like ours the update are not able to proceed.