Not able to set Brightness in window 11

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Dear Team,


I have updated my window and after that i am not able to increase or decrease my laptop window screen's brightness. I have used both the options 1 as keyboard brightness button and 2 as window settings.

I am able to increase or decrease the laptop window's brightness but it is not reflecting any change.


My window is Window 11 Home insider preview.


Kindly help me to fix the issue.


Thank you

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Which windows build do you have installed? Dev or Canary?

@gurjeetsingh1490  Hello, Same issue for me, Canary build installed yesterday. Brightness level can be changed but it is not reflected by the screen. It's stuck on more less 50%. Laptop HP Pavilion Gaming. I tried also the terminal option to change brightness but nothing happens. Re-installed graphic drivers - no luck as well... 

@RogerWB We'll have to wait for the next update. In the meantime, we will sit with the brightness with which it was originally installed on the laptop

I have the same problem, when I set a new brightness nothing happens until I restart my laptop, after that I can "see" the new brightness.

I have suffered this same problem with the Canary build. Microsoft needs to take a closer look at this.
I have the same problem. Cannot adjust the brightness. The brightness is maximun.
Seems like a common issue. I've reported this via Feedback hub. Kindly upvote this feedback to get it resolved asap:

Many thanks @Kapil Arya