Not able to open photos videos and in windows 11

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Today I updated to windows 11. Now I am not able to open Photos and videos. It is showing that "Please contact your Software vendor".

I am not able to update those apps in Microsoft stores too. It is show Code: 0x80070002 error.


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Windows 11 is not released yet. It will be released later this year. First Insider Preview build will be released next week.

I have a question - please specify what build you have Windows?
Windows 11 is not publicly available yet.
All ISO files for the Windows 11 on the internet are fake and they might contains malware.
I request you to wait for the official build from the Microsoft.
The version of Windows 11 I had installed have so many problems. So I reinstalled Windows 10 now.

I have forgotten the build number.


Of course!
But you need to format the drive - only this way you can do it correctly!
Good luck




Let this be a warning to others who have installed useless - Windows11.

without microsoft product key!