Not able to find windows 11 update

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I have been trying to fix this issue for hours now, looking for solutions but I didn't find anything that could help me. I enabled the windows insider program, then I saw that my PC does not meet the requirements for windows 11. So I searched online for solutions, I found that you need to have TPM and secure boot enabled, so I enabled it. The thing that was saying that my PC does not meet the requirements was gone. I switched to the Dev channel, restarted the computer. Checked for update and it says that I am up to date. I switch to Beta channel, restart the computer. Check for update and still nothing. I contact Microsoft live chat customer support and they said that I should look for solutions on this forum but still I haven't found the fix. I also did the WhyNotWin11 to check the requirements and everything was green (good). After 5 hours of trying, restarting my computer over 20 times, I don't know what to do anymore.

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I don't understand what I am meant to do with this.
I have a question about whether the dev channel updates before. were installed ?
sorry, don't know what you mean
Are you just getting started - have you previously had an internal version that worked properly?
Today I decided to try windows 11. So yes I'm just getting started if that is what you meant


I understand!
And you have registered for insaiders?
because without it no one will get Windows11 yet, because currently it is only a trial version and should not be treated as an official release - for consumers

Yes, and right now i am in the dev channel. And the proble is that when I check for updates, the windows 11 update doesnt pop up
I tried running the update troubleshooter and it detected the problem in checking for updates but it doesnt fix it
I suggest you wait outside the hours of active use - is maintenance
can sometimes automatically correct errors.
of course you have privacy and diagnostics settings for full access for Microsoft -it is necessary .


If there are still problems, the solution is to download the ISO and install it manually.

please write how you manage to fix - it will be helpful to others. 

Well I can't fix it, that's for sure. What ISO do I need to download?
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SOLVED! I was just using the computer like normally and all of a sudden a pop up appeared that said I have a major update. It asked me if I want to restart or not, I clicked to restart and it updated to a higher version of windows 10. Then I checked for updates and the windows 11 update was there. So I guess if it doesn't come instantly you just have to wait a bit, maybe a day. For me it was in like 8 hours after I joined the insider.


Thank you for answering!

That's what helps - my suggestion to wait was the right one , well, you confirmed it!

Migration time to the new version takes time off-hours 

The system cannot ignore these settings!

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I received all other things on beta channel not windows 11, keep click on window update since lask week when saw micosoft news windows 11 come to beta channel.  


how to fix that?