no way to add directores since homegroup is gone

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OK, I can see the other computer in the network, and some directories. But I have some directories that refuse to share. Fix this.

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Funny thing happened last night, all of a sudden I could see the other computers on my network. The only change was I added another PC to the network.
Yup, the shared directories only show up when all three computers are turned on. Strange why it takes at least three computers being connected for sharing to work.
Weird, only the laptop can see the two desktops, but the desktops can not see the others. This needs to be fixed. I realize that this is low priority for Microsoft since they seem to be only concerned with computers at a work place, and not the ones for home users. That is sad, and may get them out of business in the next 10 to 20 years.
Just updated all of my computers to build 17133.73 and now even my laptop cannot see the other two computers on the network. What gives?
could not, was what it was supposed to read
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