New Window feature : safe BOYD for desktop dividing windows OS in environments

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I was thinking we are more and more pushing BOYD at office, but bring your own computer brings a lot of troubles to IT because it is not easy to secure.

What if in the next windows version we could have spaces, completely separated running seemlessly on the same computer.

We could have one space for our personnal usage with our own softwares, games, browser, vpn if any, and so on with complete freedom, and on the other a professional space with total control from the company on software and security settings. 

If done well, like containers the OS could share resources without duplicating all the hardware usage.

Would required some work on drivers to allow to divide memory space or a storage drive into different spaces to have different security applied for example.


That would help a lot reducing the number of computers people own, companies could propose to provide a computer or money to support employee own equipment, and no longer requiring multiple computers.

For consultants working for clients could also avoid providing a computer for each client they work on, could all be just more professional spaces of the same computer.

Of course you cannot start 10 spaces at the same time on a small laptop, but usually you would have maybe 2 at the same time, max 3 and not one running a game...


What do you think ?




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That's a great idea but as you know with BOYD you are opening yourself to a lot of Malware/Virus as well as Ransom Ware. You also have the possibility of Disgruntled Employee backlash resulting in possible inside attacks. Cloud computing would be a better option with better Security Protocols. Better control over who accesses the Company System and able to Monitor what they are doing.

Yes but if the segregation of the desktops is properly done, virus should not be able to go form one to another. A little like with have containers and today I haven't heard about a virus able to go from one container to another... Cloud computing doesn't provide much savings on resources consumption and require constant internet consumption, huge data usage, not eco friendly either. Today lot of companies accept BYOD on mobile phones using Work spaces, and accept the small risk of virus able to go through the OS barrier , they should be able to do so on desktop computers :) Don't see how any solution can manage disgruntled employee backslash out of being able to remove all access easily, and you can remove access from any desktop today locking the account.