My Windows get in conflict with some software installed on my computer

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the windows that I have on my computer is not the Official windows that came on the computer, I installed a new windows version 20H2 but since then I appeared that It gets in conflict with some software. For Example the VPN get in conflict with a sotware called primavera and it dos not allowed me to work
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Did you installed the Windows from the official Microsoft website?
What type of conflict are you facing?
Is there any error message?
Have you tried updating conflicting applications?
Have you tried updating Windows?


yes I installed windows from the official Microsoft website.

well, I'm been facing problems to open some software on the PC, once I click on the program I want to use, the curser stays moving and the program does not open.

It does not give any error.

yes I have tried updating conflicting applications.

yes the windows has been update.

Do you know which programs are causing conflict?
If yes, try uninstall one of them and restart your PC and see if problem persist?
yes, I know yhe program, I uninstall it and it did not solve the problem