My pc only recognizes 1 of my cores

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i am on the windows 11 dev build that released about a month ago and i was wondering if the beta build is out, so i want to pc health check to see if what my computer's health is like, but when i checked it says i need 2 or more cores to run windows 11, but i was really confused because i was already in windows 11, so i want to my task manager to see how many cores are being used, and only 1 was being used, fo i went to the boot tab in MSConfig, and the max amount of cores i can use is 1, but i have a 6 core amd processor. i can proboly a  get the beta version sinse i have 6 cores, but my pc only recognizes 1, so i dont know if i should install the beta version or not sinse i like the dev build very much.

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