My Green Screens?

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Hey there, I have been in the Beta Testers program since July.  I actually really like the look and even the speed of 11.

Questions for anyone who know:

I. I continue to get hit with the Green Screens 1x - 2x daily, I especially hate it when I am in Teams or Zoom call. 

2. Has Win 11 been officially launched? I can't imagine that the general public is getting the greens.

3. Every time I get the green screen, I try to grab my phone to take a pic, but the reboot is faster than I :)  4. Are the green screen codes stored on my PC? 

5. Is everyone still experiencing the same?  How can I avoid it in the future? 


I would appreciate any feedback - thank you!

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Hello, there is already a stable version of Windows11 available - you need to perform a clean installation of Windows - which will remove the trial version, format the disk and delete your personal files .

Only in this way can you have a stable version of Windows.

Good luck

Download Windows 11 (


Of course, upgrading to Windows11 is free if you have a digital license for Windows10.
It is safest to perform a clean installation of Windows10 - you have a choice.
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