My Cursor Became Immobile

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I spent a few hours with Microsoft Support trying to resolve an issue with my primary laptop: my mouse cursor no longer works. I'm on a Windows 11 Insider build (did I use the term build properly?), and I'm a bit of a novice with these things, but something of a power user nonetheless. I was using Mouse Without Borders from Microsoft PowerToys, and for about a week or two it worked flawlessly and I was greatly impressed. I have two, cheap, but highly functioning ASUS laptops. Unfortunately, my secondary and weaker laptop is the one I now feel most at ease using, because the mouse cursor is perpetually frozen on the primary laptop.

We tried a few different fixes through Quick Assist on the primary laptop, but all of them failed. Ultimately, the main approaches were to update the touchpad's drivers and to uninstall PowerToys altogether, restarting the computer and hoping for a recoupling of my touchpad with my cursor on the primary laptop, but to no avail. The final conclusion was to take this matter to the developers as a Windows Insider issue, so here I am. Please advise. I am only so-so with the hotkeys and not much for CLIs, so having this cursor back is kind of a deal-breaking must for me. Also, I really, really, really do not want to reset the computer and lose a bunch of open tabs and programs and so forth.

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As you know Windows Insider is under testing and development, so make sure file a bug report using the Feedback Hub app.
You mentioned about doing number of troubleshooting steps, would mind list them, have you performed Clean Boot too?
Thanks for sharing, I have that issue a few times when the mouse or cursor just stops moving...

What seems to fix it was either loggining out of ctrl-shift-escape or restarting explorer or restarting computer.