Moving from Windows 11 Indsider Beta to a formal release of Windows 11

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I have Windows 10 and Windows 11 Insider Beta on two separate hard disks. I had a severe problem when out of the blue, Windows 10 installed Windows 11 insider updates. Restoring Windows 10 from an Acronis backup just resulted in the updates appearing again. I contacted Microsoft support and was given a registry edit to prevent this from happening. I then decided that I was happy enough with Windows 11 to migrate to it from Windows 10, using the free upgrade. However, when I tried to leave the Insider Beta program, it seems that I either (1) have to wait for another Windows 11 release, for security purposes, or (2) do a clean install of Windows 11. I elected to use the first option, and I see that I am queued to leave Beta Insider, but it is not clear to me when this will occur. Can anyone clarify what happens?                                                                                                                                              With regard to option (2), could I just reformat the Windows 11 hard disk and then do a completely clean install of Windows 11 to immediately exit the insider program? I'm not bothered about losing data because it is all backed up, but if I were to do this, wouldn't the new 11 installation (installed using my microsoft account) just still show me an an insider? Is there anything extra that I have to do in the Insider Beta  before wiping the disk?

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I have done it. Just formatted my Windows 11 disk and did a clean installation of Windows 11. No longer in the insider program.