Modern/Classic Standby Issue

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I have a problem with Modern/Classic Standby! For 10 years I used a PC to record TV program - like a video recorder. I used a ZOTAC (ZBOX ID83Plus Intel i3, Hauppauge TV-Stick (930C-HD) and MediaPortal 1.29). Worked perfect! Now I wanted to upgrade and purchased an Intel NUC I3 10th gen using Windows11. This PC has Modern Standby! Unfortunately, all recorded files are corrupt. I changed registry to activate S3 (Classic Standby – instructions from Deskmodder). The recorded file is now perfect however the recording does not start on time. Each day the recoding starts with an (additional) 5 minutes delay. Unfortunately Intel was not able to help me! Maybe someone has experienced the same problems and can help me with a solution.

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So you upgraded to the Windows 11 and this problem get started and you didn't face this issue in the Windows 10, is that correct?
Open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Run Windows Update and download and install all updates.
Dear Reza,
thank you for your mail.
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have purchased the NUC PC in June 2021. At that time Windows 11 wasn’t launched yet. Yes, I had the described problems already with Windows 10. I’ve updated to Windows 11 in October hoping that it would help to get rid of the problems. But unfortunately – no change!

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... to make it more precise:
Zotac (purchsed in 2013 with only Classic Standby) windows 7 installed, updated to Windows 10 - never had any problems with recording!!!
INTEL NUC with Modern Standby - problems with Windows 10 and 11!!! The difference between Zotac and NUC ist that the NUC has the Modern Standby as standard mode! --> video file are corrupt. Changing to Classic Standby via registry --> problems with start of recording (increasing) delay over time. But video file (*.ts) is perfect.
Based on this inconsistent behavior between Zotac and NUC I came to the hypthesis, that the new BIOS of the NUC allowing Classic and Modern Standby is th problem.
It is more like Intel's issue than Windows, however I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue , so the Windows team would be able to investigate it.
Are you facing this issue in the Safe Mode too?
Dear Reza,
Thank you for your support!
Yes, you are right. Usually, it is Intel’s problem. They „worked“ on it for 4 months. No result. I made the proposal to send the PC to Intel, however it was disappointing to hear that there is no possibility to send the PC to Intel in Germany.
Thank you for your recommendation to use the Feedback Hub. I have done so.
Regarding “Safe Mode”: Mediaportal is a complex program using e.g. SQL server… I am not able to start Mediaportal in safe mode.
Best regards, Harald
Thank you for follow up.
When you file a report using the Feedback Hub app, the team might not be able to response to you directly but they will review and investigate reports.
In this case, I believe the Intel would be help you and if there is a support channel in MediaPortal, you may contact them too.