Mixed reality viewer (windows 10 app) questions

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I was playing a bit with the "Mixed reality viewer" app, which looks very nice. I try to find some more information about it but I can't find it anywhere. Is the some place to find it?


My first question is how I can place a 3d object in an existing photo?


Thanks, Mike

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You can find more information about the Mixed Reality Viewer app in this blog post

Make sure you watch the video there starting from minute 16. 


You can use the Paint 3D app to add a 3D object in an existing photo.

Thanks @Nawzil Najeeb have not seen this one before.

However I still can't find out if it is possible to paste a 3d object into an existing photo. Is this possible?

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Yes, as I told you above, you can do that in the "Paint 3D" app.


Check this.

How can I change videos file instead webcam, in button Mixed Reality, It more effect in studios.

We try OBS Virtualcam they don't work! Please advice


If you want to add 3D models to your videos, you can do that in the Photos app.