Missing Win10 functions from Win11

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Too many customization and settings that were in Windows 10 are now missing in Windows 11. This is a real backward step in user experience. What is going on?

- Task bar now stuck at the bottom, taking up way too much space on my ultra-wide display.

- One click summary of my PC storage 

- Adjustable task bar width / icon size


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Indeed, those are very important for some power users... However, you could submit your valuable feedback via Feedback Hub or find those similar one to make upvote. I'm sure MS WIP team will seeing these and making change to next Build.

@I-Cheng_Chen, one more addition. Missing of the "never combine taskbar buttons" option.

Thank you for sharing your concern, you may open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report these issues.
Other users would be able to upvote it and Windows team will review all feedbacks.