Microsoft Windows 11 Home Insider Preview-Games not working

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Hi, Good day Windows insider team. 

I would like to ask for help regarding the games that are not playing here on my end. Specifically for Destiny 2 games via Steam but also others. This is working before, however, immediately not working. I have tried to ran compatibilty troubleshooter, configure game app properties, ran the game with admin rights, uninstall and reinstall the game, SFC | DISM, check Windows update and user profile is with admin rights to no avail. 


Any response will be appreaciated from you. Hope you can assist me with this. 

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As you know Windows Insider is under testing and evaluation.
I advise you to report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.
Does it display any error message?
Hi! i've got hit with the same problem. I'll keep it short, so no unwanted information will be given.

I've opened steam, i launched a game called "Risk of rain 2", it launched and when it started a loading screen, it immediately closed itself with no error messages or anything like that. I also tried running diagnostics, updating GPU and windows itself, but as expected, it still crashed without giving error messages or a prompt to report a crash.
Make sure report this using the Feedback Hub app in Windows.
Have you tried updating the game and Steam?
Did you contact their support?