Microsoft Edge causes glitches on screen.

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I am a member of the Windows Insider Preview build. After installing Windows 11, my Microsoft Edge started creating glitches. When I open the edge, it makes the screen glitch and then goes black. I either have to close it or restart when nothing solves.


Any solution will be helpful.



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@I0V00 Mine has been doing the same thing since installing Windows 11, any fixes??

No. And Yes. It has reduced in number quantity vise and amount quality vise. I see it happen about 1 in every 30 times rather than 1 in 5. + It is minor glitch now which disappears if I minimize and maximize the window. But still hoping for a complete fix.

 Hi @I0V00 

I strongly encourage you to give feedback to the Edge team (Alt+Shift+I) and include diagnostic data - this will allow you to develop a fix for everyone!

Do you have syncing enabled with your Microsoft account for Edge on all your devices?

No I only use it on my Laptop. But I will for sure let the Edge team know.
I understand , but enabling synchronization in the edge settings can be helpful - this turns on the default synchronization with your Microsoft account and the correct configuration from Windows.
So real I am having the same issue