Microphone and Headphone device not appearing

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I had a delay on my microphone device and had a Microsoft technician help me.  She updated some stuff and fixed some corrupted files.  She removed my headphone and microphone drivers and was going to reinstall them.  The delay seems to be fixed because I plugged in another microphone and my pc recognized it.  I have unplugged my headphones and my mic that I want to use but now my pc will not recognize these devices.  If my pc can recognize my headphone and mic devices, it can reinstall the driver so they will work on my PC. How can I get my pc to recognize them again! Please help!

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I do not know why but my PC now recognized them both at the same time... I will see if I still have a delay when recording with my microphone. That was the actual issue that I was wanting to resolve
The delay seems only to be on my one particular device. I am going to contact them and see if they can help...