Message that, A newer build is available in Windows Update but Windows update does not show it.

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Hi Everyone,


On windows 11 I have a message available that a new version is available in Windows Update. When I check for the update it says that there are no updates.


Following the releases there should have been an update.



Current OS Build: 22000.65

Edition: Windows 11 Enterprise



Hope someone knows how I can get the new update.

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IMO, that message appears because 22000.71 is now available.


If you can't spot the new preview build in Windows Update, run Windows Update troubleshooter. Or you can refer other fixes mentioned here:

You may also try re-joining Windows Insider program on existing build, see if it helps.

Hope this helps!

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@Kapil, Yes I know that there a new version that was why I was trying to update.

Tried both options already with no success. Hoping that there maybe another solution.
In that case, I highly recommend you to report this via Feedback hub.

@maikvandergaagI was having the same issue.


I managed to solve it by excluding my machine which is running the preview version: excluded from the Microsoft Endpoint manager policy managing the Windows 11 updates: i had created a unique policy in endpoint manager to allow for the updates to this single test machine but it was the very reason that was preventing my system from downloading the latest update. Since i took the machine out of the endpoint policy the machine is downloading the update. Hope this response helps you in resolving the issue.

Hi @Sauraph,

We found that out yesterday **bleep** well. We removed the Machine from the endpoint manager were it was allowed to update from the Insider builds. And then it downloaded the new version.

We are still trying to figure out which configuration is causing the problem. Hope to find it

I had the same problem on build 22000.176, but was also missing the Windows Insider Programme settings (no option to switch channels, etc.). I was able to resolve both problems by following these steps. Basically, run these commands in CMD then reboot:

bcdedit /set flightsigning on

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} flightsigning on

I was seeing the same thing. 


Fix found on another site:

  • Launch cmd ad adminstrator and run: bcdedit /set flightsigning on
  • Reboot
  • Now check for update
fixed the issue for me (using asus tuf f17 laptop)