Lock Screen stuck on spinning balls after Feature Update offline phase completed - Build 18252 Fast

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Applied Fast Ring update, build 18252. After online phase was completed, I restarted the device. Offline phase completed (100%) then when to blue back ground with spinning balls in the middle of the screen. Left it this way for a couple of hours with no change. Attempted to reboot with same results. Attempted to rollback from recovery USB which failed. Attempted startup repair which failed. Rebooted and let it sit at the spinning balls for 3 hours while I was in meetings. Came back and still had them on the screen. Pressed CTL+ALT+DEL and was able to log in. It appears the update was successful, but after each reboot the same issue occurs. This happens after a reboot or when logging out. Does not occur when locking the device. This is a domain joined device with a Lock Screen Policy applied via GPO. Feedback submitted to the Feedback Hub: https://aka.ms/AA2rvy6 please Upvote if you are having the issue. Anyone else seeing this? UPDATE: This appears to have been resolved in build 18267.
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